Young Archaeologists’ Club

The Young Archaeologists’ Club is a membership club for young people aged between eight and sixteen. Currently, members receive a membership pack, containing a membership card, certificate, badge and the Young Archaeologist quarterly magazine which is packed with archaeological news, competitions and practical activities. However, YAC is currently changing and will be offering much of its benefits for free. It is certainly worth checking their website now and again as it will be fully updated with more news in spring 2015 –  watch this space!!!

In addition to its standard membership, YAC also consists of numerous local YAC clubs for young people to get involved in local digs and other activities. Our regional branches in the south-east are:

  • Spelthorne YAC Branch (Staines)
  • Rowena Ferneley
  • Tel: 01344 843370



The North Downs YAC branch is in need of extra leaders and volunteers to help support the group. Please contact either Andrew or Sophie at the above email if interested in joining in and helping the group with their fascinating activities!