A tribute in memory of Professor Peter Drewett

Archaeology and Landscape of South-East England to 1066 (edited by Michael J. Allen & David Rudling)

A new peer-reviewed book on the archaeology of South-East England, written by the leading authorities in their field, is to be published by Oxbow books in late 2015/early 2016. It provides an overview the archaeology of the region, broadly defined as Sussex, Surrey and Kent, presenting intra-regional analyses of a wide range of data, from across the Chalk Downs, the Weald, the Coastal Plains, including the Thames valley and estuary regions.

The book will provide an informed narrative of the archaeological history of the South-East, from the Palaeolithic to the post-medieval period, and it aims to re-address, renew and re-evaluate previous analytical work and interpretation. It will be the new textbook for the South-East and, as such, we hope it provides a fitting tribute to the late Peter Drewett who inspired many in the current generation of archaeologists (professional and amateur) working in South-East England. Peter published a series of major excavations in Sussex and southern England 1974-82, and this book will be dedicated to Peter Drewett with great thanks, admiration and affection.

It is hoped that the official book launch for this publication will be at the CBA South-East annual conference in November 2015 or it will be launched at a separate event in early 2016