Book launch: Bignor Roman Villa

Discovered in 1811, Bignor is one of the most impressive villas in Britain, its mosaics ranking among the finest in north-western Europe. This book sets out to explain the villa, who built it, when, how it would have been used and what it meant within the context of the Roman province of Britannia. It also sets out to interpret the remains, as they appear today, explaining in detail the meaning of the fine mosaic pavements and describing how the villa was first found and explored and the conservation problems facing the site in the twenty-first century. Now, after 200 years, the remarkable story of Bignor Roman Villa is told in full in this beautifully illustrated book. The book also considers Bignor villa within its local rural context and thus includes discussions of other Sussex villas and farmstead sites.

Authors: David Rudling and Miles Russell

Publisher: The History Press. (RRP: £14.99).

Available from Fishbourne Roman Palace on and after Saturday 13th June when the authors will be at Fishbourne for signing copies of the book between 1.40-3.00pm.