CBA South-East Conference: Life in the Mesolithic and new perspectives on the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition

Surrey History Centre, Woking: Saturday 14th November 2015

Our understanding of the Mesolithic in Britain has increased substantially in recent times due to the considerable contributions made by commercial and community archaeology alongside continued academic attention. This day conference brings together talks from each of these sectors, revealing new discoveries being made on the Mesolithic in the South-East of Britain and introducing some of the fascinating insights emerging from projects focussed upon the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition from other areas of the country.

Arrival and registration 9:30

Dr Martyn Allen (Chair, CBA South-East), 10:15: Introduction to the day

Professor Martin Bell (University of Reading), 10:20: The Mesolithic of the Wetland and Coastal Edge in Southern Britain

Coffee 11:00

Phil Jones (Surrey County Archaeology Unit), 11:20: Mesolithic Remains at Bletchingley and Mesolithic Surrey

Garry Momber (Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology), 11:50: Mesolithic Technology at Bouldnor Cliff: Was it 2,000 Years Ahead of its Time?

Mike Donnelly (Oxford Archaeology), 12:20: New Mesolithic Discoveries on the Bexhill Relief Road Scheme, Kent

Lunch and posters 12:50 – CBA South East Annual General Meeting 13:30

Dr Fraser Sturt (Uni. Southampton) and Dr Duncan Garrow (Uni. Reading), 14:00: Stepping Stones to the Neolithic: Seafaring, Connectivity and the Mesolithic/Neolithic Transition

Dr Jodie Lewis (University of Worcester), 14:30: Caves, Springs and Depositing Things: Approaching the Mesolithic and Neolithic in the South West

Coffee 15:00

Dr Rick Schulting (University of Oxford), 15:30: Violent Times in the Neolithic? A Review of the British Evidence

Don Henson (University of York), 16:00: Public Engagement in the Mesolithic and Neolithic


Tickets: £16.00 for CBA South-East members/£20.00 for non-members

*** Applications for student bursaries are also available ***

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