Grants and Funding

One of the main priorities of the CBA South-East council is to provide an annual fund for scholarly archaeological research in the region. We are currently in the process of rebuilding our grant budget after membership restructuring and are aiming to begin offering grants on an annual basis. Please donate to support us in our goal of financing important regional research.

2014 Grant

In 2014, we had the pleasure of visiting and donating to the Lyminge Archaeological Project currently being run by Dr Gabor Thomas (PI) and Dr Alexandra Knox of the University of Reading. The modern village of Lyminge in Kent was once home to an early medieval monastery, presided over by a royal abbess. The excavations have been providing startling results, including an impressive timber hall, a granary, and sunken-feature buildings, alongside pieces of luxury glass vessels used in feasting events, and a 7thC AD plough coulter which is, as yet, unique in British archaeology. For more information, visit the project website at, plus see details of the project conference being held in 2015.


2015 – 2016 Grants Available

The CBA South East are now in a position to distribute a limited number of small grants. The application for a grant should be made to the grant secretary John Funnell at The closing day for grants will be April 1st 2016.

A grant for £100 was recently awarded to the Lewes Archaeological Group towards the cost of isotope analysis for a number of burials found on Malling Hill. The remains appear to have been from an execution site. The burials were thought to have been associated with the Battle of Lewes, but Carbon 14 dating shows that they date to a much earlier period. The object of the new analysis is to determine whether the remains are local or from foreign climes, and possibly Viking. There will be a note in a future CBA South East newsletter once the results are known.

John Funnell (CBA South East Research and Grants)


Sussex Archaeological Society – Sally Christian Grants

Grants are available to individuals starting out in archaeology as either amateurs or students which would include sixth formers or undergraduates to assist with the costs of various types of training, both practical and academic, and to enable such individuals to gain experience in archaeological fieldwork and other forms of research in East and West Sussex.   Grants are available for:  short training courses (normally lasting from one to five days long, but sometimes longer) covering such subjects as surveying, excavation methods, environmental sampling, identifying, recording and interpreting finds, etc.; day schools covering either practical skills or relevant academic information; attendance at relevant conferences or research projects which provide students and/or amateurs with expert supervision and some training.   Feedback will be required from successful applicants.

Further details regarding applications are available from the Research Officer, Luke Barber, of the Sussex Archaeological Society ( to whom all applications should be submitted.

Applications are acceptable from anyone within the CBA South-East area.