West Sussex County Council to withdraw archaeological advice from District Planning Departments

Public notice by CBA South-East of changes to Specialist Services in West Sussex

From the end of March 2015, West Sussex County Council will be ending their provision of specialist archaeological services (advice and monitoring) to six of the seven District Council Planning Departments in West Sussex. A WSCC Statement about these changes, together with replies to some of concerns raised at the Sussex Archaeology Forum last October, has been added to this website. CBA South-East is very concerned about these changes and is actively campaigning alongside the national CBA and other local societies to ensure that the six affected Districts (i.e. not Chichester, which has its own archaeologist) have arranged for new archaeological advice providers to be in place from April 1st. Such advice is mandated by national planning policy and plays a key role in the screening, determination and mitigation of development which impacts the historic environment.

The WSCC statement can be downloaded here.